HackISU and Creating a Quantum SDK

I attended HackISU 2018 and had a blast; I partnered up with two Iowa natives Victory Omole and Dylan Sharpe. The hackathon itself was 36 hours, we created a Quantum SDK which we named QuanAcademy. The name may or may not have had anything to do with sleep deprivation.

Our Quantum SDK consisted of three primary components (plus a website and demo quantum programs to describe and demonstrate the project):

  • A low and high(er) level Quantum Programming Language/Instruction Set
  • A compiler written in LISP
  • Quantum Virtual Machine (QVM) written in Python

We were able to get everything up an running and even put our QVM on two separate AWS EC2 instances. We then built API endpoints and wrote a Quantum Program in our SDK to demonstrate quantum teleportation. Our project wasn’t as flashy as some of the others, but we did have one judge who asked a lot of questions, ultimately that led us to win the AWS  Education Prize!

You can find the ever-evolving code at the QC Hackers github. We’re currently working on getting a live server with an API. The API would allow people to write and submit quantum programs that are automatically compiled and run through our QVM.

My plan is to dive in depth on the code in future posts.